I know, I know, I haven’t written a thing here for ages.

Well, you know the way it is, things just have a way of happening and then all of a sudden it’s three weeks later and you didn’t even notice. (No, no, no, this has nothing to do with red wine.)

So December was a crazy month of watching Mission Cookpossible become a printed reality, and even more unnerving, a printed reality that we were actually sending out to real customers. Terrifying! Does the system work, are the files ok, will they arrive at the printers ok, will they get delivered ok?????? (“OMG this is our wonderful creation that we have worked tirelessly on for months – IT HAS TO WORK!!!”) Yours truly pulled out great chunks of hair in her anxiety and lost about 1/2 a stone!help

All the Mission Cookpossible books were delivered in time for Christmas and certainly in the case of my nephew, received with enthusiasm. (And we made chocolate mousse together about three times in two days.)


Breath a massive sigh of relief. And yes, down a glass or two –  in a festive sort of way.

contributors copy

January then. Right, get onto every children’s magazine, parenting website, foody sites/ papers. You name it… And of course, cash is dwindling fast. I suppose that goes without saying. Actually rather unexpectedly (I am after all the person who is utterly phone-phobic) it’s been quite fun, making friends with people at various websites and magazines. Chat with Mak and decide that there must be some more tweaking the technology, so that should a spate of orders come careering into our inbox, we can actually deal with them. It’s all happening!

Well, it’s the 14th January today, and we have three campaigns ready to go for Mission Cookpossible and various others waiting in the wings. Fingers crossed!