Plans plans plans! Well, the cookery book is out there and looking lovely. Carrie has returned from Maternity Leave (welcome back, Carrie!) and that means that the creative team can gratefully hand marketing back to the expert and turn their attention to the next thing – which is… Dinosaurs! Yes, the Mr Glue Stories dinosaur project!

We loved the whole business of winding a story through a non-fiction subject and as a result have decided to do that very thing with dinosaurs. My dinosaur-crazy next-door neighbour (Charlie, 3) is a veritable mine of information. I have already been told about the dinosaur with the biggest brain (no, I’m not going to tell you, you’ll have to look it up or wait till the book is out), and I’m shortly going to go round for a tutorial on further invaluable dinosaur facts.

The other thing that is particularly exciting about this project is on the technical side. Because of the way that Mak built the technology for Mission Cookpossible, we are now able to build stories with different outcomes. Rather than choosing a character who will slot into the story, there will be characters or things, which will send the story off in different directions.

I can see that this might get rather out of hand, so I have spread a huge piece of paper all over the kitchen floor and it is filling up with diagrams and scribblings and lines and arrows. Apparently this is going to translate into a coherent series of story streams in the next few weeks. (Right now, however, more coffee needed I think!)

Jose and I are talking about time machines. I have a feeling we might need some alien activity too. If you have any thoughts, give us a shout ( and we might well add them!