Percy took off his parachute and gave Hildegard a hug.

‘It’s not parachuting that I’ve taken up,’ he said.

‘Oh, really? Then what is it?’ Hildegard looked a bit puzzled.

‘I have a new job!’

‘Oh, really? How amazing!’ exclaimed Hildegard..

‘Yes,’ said Percy, proudly. ‘In fact, I am now your friendly local travelling storytelling service.’

Moneky reading

‘Oh, really? How wonderful!’ declared Hildegard.

‘Yes. T.S.S. for short. Hildegard, please do stop saying “oh really”!’

‘All right,’ said Hildegard obligingly. ‘Have you come to tell me a story? How nice – I love stories!’

‘No. Well, yes. Sort of. Actually, I’ve come to tell you… ‘


‘Oh dear. It’s a sort of a story… It’s a sort of a story that’s actually happening… It’s a sort of a story that you might not like very much…’

‘Percy! What are you talking about?’

‘Well the thing is, I was on my way to my last storytelling job, and I caught sight of… well… It’s your newest neighbour… it’s Jean-Claude Psychochef… and, Oh Hildegard, he’s coming to see you!’

‘Oh really!’ said Hildegard. ‘How interesting!’


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