The beginning of September always feels to me a little bit like the new year. Meaning, I sit down after the summer holidays, children are (more or less) back at school and there’s a feeling of new resolutions in the air. The particular ‘new’ this time round is the possibility of taking Mr Glue in a whole new direction – white labelling.

Over the summer, I met the inspiring team who set up Rapscallion Press. Rapscallion is a small children’s publisher and their focus is introducing children to big ideas. It promotes the notions of understanding and tolerance and they do it beautifully. We discussed our respective projects and later they got in touch to suggest that we might be able to embark on a project together, in other words, use the functionality that appears in the Mr Glue Stories app with their own material.

Adding the Mr Glue interactivity (drawing, recording and sharing) to new stories is potentially very exciting! With the Book Management System that we are currently building in-house already nearing completion, there is a certain amount of building still to be done to make this a reality. The user experience for the story creator has to be as good as for the story reader. And most importantly, this development is something that must be accessible on the web, not just as an iPad app. We want it to be available to as many people as possible.

Anyway, at this stage we would love to know if there are other individuals or organisations out there who would be interested too… (All helps with the fundraising!) Do get in touch: and let us know if you would find this useful in your school, or reading and writing with your children at home. We’d love to hear from you!



Gazing in to the future!