This was the really difficult bit – finding the right people who could build the app for us. After one or two hiccoughs and a few false starts, Carrie rang me with great excitement to say that she had found a marvellous company in Shoreditch called Leto. Alexander Berezovskiy, Joe Conway and Paulo Goncalves are fantastic and have designed and built Mr Glue’s wonderful world brilliantly!

Carrie took on the role of project managing the app’s development, as I’m distinctly hazy on that front. We had to go into deciding what kind of language we ought to use, as this would affect the whole nature of what we were about to design and what sort of devices it would work on. Coming from a non-techy background, we’ve certainly learnt a lot, from what a json file is and how to edit it, to the different ways of including sound and animation. There’s a huge number of little details that go in to making a well thought out and well executed app. The process took us longer than we expected – it’s been an extraordinary journey!

At a creative level, the main thing that has struck me throughout, is the incredible generosity and enthusiasm that everyone has shown in making it all happen. And of course this is just the beginning!


technology - Mr Glue listens to your recording