Yes, I confess, this is Apollo’s One Pan Lemon Roast Chicken because I liked the picture in Journey to the Stars, what can I say… Also, does the fact that it’s Apollo’s mean it’s the best? Maybe. Well, you tell us!


It’s one of those dishes that has lots of zing (that’s the lemon) and by the time you’ve added the herbs at the end, it looks bright and inviting, so the whole sun god thing seemed right… Well, we thought so anyway!



I think this is a nice dish to be able to experiment with. Cooking in one pan is great, as all the juices and flavours meld and you end up with something really delicious. (And fab comfort food!)

Top tips

A good way to peel garlic is to put a clove on a wooden board, put the flat of your knife on top of it and then hit the flat blade with the heel of your other hand. You’ll find that the papery outside comes off very easily once you’ve done that. If you are peeling lots of garlic, then quite a fun way to do it is to separate all the cloves, put them into a small pan or something with a lid, hold the lid on firmly and shake like mad. After a while, you’ll find that the papery outside has come off. Good, eh?


The Glue Crew Kitchen team has been trying this out in lots of different ways. We added artichokes and chopped red chilli to the original dish, but our testers said (ever so politely) that they thought the taste was a bit too grown up for them. (Especially the chopped coriander we sprinkled on at the end.)

We decided to replace the lemon with roughly chopped red and yellow peppers, tried out chunks of aubergine and in one version added baby spinach at the very end when the pan came out of the oven. This all worked well.

As you know, we love hearing from you, so let us know if you have any good ideas with this dish and we will add them to the page!