So the world of printing is getting ever closer. As with all the developments we have embarked upon, it’s always just that bit more complicated that we first imagined!

Still, Leto have performed their usual magic (Alex and Paulo, what would we do without you?) and we are getting closer to finalising the technical stuff with a printer, who is based outside London.

The books are looking lovely! Variables that have been chosen in the app appear in the bubbles at the bottom of the front cover; the blurb on the back is personalised, and includes a few lines in praise of the ‘author’. Funny to think that when we first showed the first few frames of the  app to the drama club who did our sound effects, they immediately said,  ‘Can we get a real book from it?’ and now the answer is – very nearly – YES!

Now it’s just a question of us getting to grips with the actual process each time a book is sent from App to print. All very exciting! There’s been something really magical about seeing digital pages turning into a real book. Specially one that has been decorated – inexpertly – by me!

Just waiting to hear back from the App Store that we are good to go and then way-hay! out into the world of publishing! Watch this space.

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