I find that all the bears in this house (to say nothing of the rhinos, dodos and otters) will travel some distance if fresh bread is in the offing.NOTES_label


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I’m afraid that we have copped out a bit in this recipe by using easy blend yeast (which I know is a crime in some people’s view) but I have found the fresh stuff remarkably difficult to get hold of where I live, so I went with the easy option. Sloth, I know. Hey ho.The results seemed to work fine, so, we’re sticking with it!

Top tips

Kneading: It’s all about stretching and not thumping the dough. Hold it with one hand, and stretch it away with the heel of your other hand. Fold it over, quarter turn and do it again. You’ll notice the difference in the way it feels after you’ve been at it for a while. It’s sort of springy and stretchy.


 How do you know if dough risen enough before you put it into the oven? Poke a finger gently into the dough and then watch what happens to the little dent that is left: if it’s still got some rising to do, the hole will disappear. If not, and the little hole stays where it is, it hasn’t got any more oomph left and needs to go in the oven.

Try experimenting with the dough: mix different types of flour. Try half and half, strong white flour and malted granary or half white and half wholemeal. Try leaving out the fat to see what happens, or you could add seeds or nuts to make it interesting! Get in touch with us and tell us about your adventures with bread! hello@mrgluestories.com