Tom from London wanted to hear about Professor Glooper’s mice

Professor Glooper was having a bad day.

This meant that the mice were also having a bad day.

They were greener than usual. The Professor’s latest plan for world domination had not gone particularly well, and this invariably had an effect on his cooking.

Mice Feeling Ill by Jessica Wregg

Arnold, the head mouse, had spoken to him about it on several occasions, however, to no avail.

Even when it was one of his world domination days, the Professor still insisted on doing the cooking.

Even now, he was standing at his monstrous range in the Gloop Lab kitchen, stirring a noxious mixture, which blubbed and glooped worryingly.

Dorothy, the deputy head mouse, sat woefully, propped up against one of the Professor’s test tubes, groaning.

‘Arnold, it’s no good. One more meal like that, and I’m not sure I can go on.’ She burped, piteously.

‘I know, dear,’ said Arnold, trying to sound comforting. ‘Perhaps if we can’t stop him cooking, we could at least have a go at putting a stop to this awful world domination thing…’

Strangely, the appalling cooking didn’t seem to have had much effect on the mini-mice. They had recently found a book in the Gloop Lab library. It was a very interesting book by someone called Mr Glue, and the minimice were completely entranced.

‘What have you got there, children?’ said Dorothy faintly.

‘An escape, Mum,’ said Moley Minimouse excitedly.