A purple stripy wall


Let’s not get too happy and comfortable. What of Professor Glooper and Doctor Socks, I hear you say. (At least that’s what Helen in London has just said.) Indeed.

The Doctor was marching energetically towards the Gloop Lab, mulling over the mysterious escape of the Professor’s staff.

It was puzzling to be sure, however the Doctor was confident that he was going to solve the problem without any trouble. In his opinion, the Professor had no common sense whatsoever and the answer was probably sitting right in front of him, staring him in the face.

He was just reflecting happily that once he had solved the Professor’s mystery, the Professor would then owe him one, or maybe several, favours, when CRASH! He bumped straight into a massive wall.

‘What the…..?’ That wall had most definitely not been there yesterday, he was quite sure of that.

Yet there it was – right in front of him. Staring him in the face in fact.

‘Ha!’ said the wall in a deep, incredibly cross voice. ‘What do you mean by it, eh? Is that how you normally behave? Just bumping into poor, defenceless young ladies? You are clearly NOT a gentleman!’

Doctor Socks gulped and took a few steps back. He re-focused and looked more closely at the wall.

How odd: it was stripy. White and purple stripy. It was white and purple stripy. And it was holding onto…. a badger?!

Oh golly! Oh help! It was none other than LADY GERTRUDE GRUNTBLATTER!!!



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