Rhiannon wants to know if Dr Socks is scared of anyone

‘Goodness me!’ gasped the Doctor. ‘Well I never. Lady Gertrude! How – um – truly lovely to see you. I am overwhelmed! How are you on this beautiful morning?’

If the truth be told, Doctor Socks, was just ever so slightly worried by Lady Gertrude.

It was something he never admitted to anyone, least of all himself. He was, after all a Master Criminal, and therefore clearly not frightened of anything or anybody, but there was something just a little teensy bit unnerving about this colossal woman with her blunderbuss and her badger, and her extraordinarily bad breath.

As a result of all of these things he took a few steps backwards.

‘No better for seeing you, you horrible greasy little worm,’ said Lady Gertrude in her most friendly voice. (Which on the friendly scale of 1 to 10 kicked in somewhere round minus 15).

This was not good. The Doctor’s happy mood evaporated. All of a sudden, more than anything he wanted to say something clever and squashing to Lady Gertrude, but the only thing that floated into his brain was the picture of a plate of cold baked beans that he had had for supper last night. (Which was indeed squashy, but didn’t really fit into the category of ‘clever things to say’.)



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