Of bulldozers and badgers

Doctor Socks decided that it was time that he got on with his morning. He took a deep breath.

‘If it was something to do with that bulldozer, I’ve already said I was sorry, and in any case – ’

‘What bulldozer? I couldn’t care less about a bulldozer, I have six bulldozers and frankly they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves.’

‘Of course, of course,’ muttered the Doctor, racking his brains to think what on earth he had done in the last few weeks to annoy Lady Gertrude.

‘Apologise now and she’ll forget it,’ murmured the badger from behind its paw.

‘What for though?’ whispered back the Doctor from behind his hand.

‘Doesn’t matter. Anything will do. Get on with it, man. I’ve got a busy morning and I can’t hang around here all morning watching you two argue.’

‘My apologies, Lady Gertrude,’ declared Doctor Socks, sweeping her a very impressive bow. (He’d learnt how to bow like that in a dancing class his mother had made him go to a long time ago.)

Lady Gertrude liked people bowing to her. It made her feel important. She burped loudly and let him past. The badger winked.

Doctor Socks went on his way feeling miffed.



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