Stowaway! This is for Olivia in Chicago.

Peregrine stumped down the hill from the canal where he had parked his houseboat.

He had decided that he was going to live on a houseboat ever since Lady Gertrude Gruntblatter – yes, that white and purple one you met in the last couple of episodes – had blown up his favourite tree house. He’d enjoyed living in the tree house, as it was a great deal more comfortable than any of the Welsh castles he’d grown up in. He hadn’t made up his mind about the boat yet, although he had noticed that someone else seemed to be living secretly in the engine room. That was something that he was going to have to sort out later.

First of all, though, he was going to go and visit his friends Hildegard and Griselda, who would cheer him up, because they always did.

So off he went. Had he glanced behind him, he would have noticed that a little figure had appeared on the deck of his boat. A little figure in a black and white outfit. A little figure looking secret and important, shuffling towards the galley… Hmmmm.



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