Another adventure for the Minimice


Moley, Maurice, Milly and three of the other Minimice were investigating the attic.

‘Look at this!’ chirruped Maurice. ‘This is just like what we found at the Professor’s!’

‘Show me!’ Milly ran over to him. He was sitting by a dusty, open trunk. He was holding a book.

‘Look, it’s another of these Mr Glue books. Do you think that this works like the other one? Do you think we could get right in?’ Moley was excited.

‘Yes, but -’ Milly spoke too late.

‘Oh no!’ gasped the Minimice.

Moley had disappeared into the book’s pages.

The other Minimice stared at each other in horror.

‘Shall we follow him?’ said Milly minimouse.

The others looked nervously at each other.

‘Should we? What if we can’t get out again? What if we don’t like the story?’

‘And what will Mum and Dad say?’

‘We won’t tell them, silly!’

‘Oh. But what will they say when they find we’re gone?’

‘We’ll leave them a note. Come on! This is really exciting!’

Milly scribbled a note which she fastened to the trap door of the attic. Then they looked at each other, nervous but elated and then, one by one, they dived into Mr Glue’s book.



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