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By now, the morning had marched on, it was nearly lunchtime, and Doctor Socks had arrived at the Gloop Lab. He hesitated a little before knocking as the smell emerging was enough to quell the fiercest criminal.

‘Oh my goodness, oh my gosh, oh my – YUK!’ gasped Doctor Socks. He put a hand over his mouth and nose. (He had always had reservations about the Professor’s experiments.)

‘Ha! There you are!’ yelled the Professor. He was yelling because he hadn’t come to the door, as most people would when someone knocks, but was leaning off the roof, a gigantic pair of binoculars in his hands.

‘Come on! Up here!’

‘Well obviously,’ muttered Doctor Socks, crossly.

As clearly no one was going to open the door, the Doctor looked around him, and his gaze lit upon a rusty drainpipe.

He had seen this sort of thing in the films; he flexed his shoulders a bit, took a few deep breaths and then grabbed the pipe.

‘What a show off you are!’ shouted the Professor encouragingly.

With a great CREAK the drainpipe sheered away from the wall and dumped the professor in the muddy patch that passed for the Professor’s front garden.

‘Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!’ snarled the Doctor.


doctor socks



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