More on the subject of mice

‘Ah, yes,’ said Arnold, in an effort to try and forget about his tummy, and to encourage this surprisingly worthy activity in his children. ‘Books. Literature. Escapism. Other worlds. Transform your life. Great stuff.’ His tummy gave a massive rumble he went back to worrying about the Professor and meals.

It occurred to him that a cookery book would be just the thing for the Professor. Certainly it would transform their life. Who could say whether the Professor would actually read it? Oh well. He sighed deeply and thought about how he should have gone into TV rather than science.

‘Yes, Dad. Exactly! Escape! Look, you can get right into it!!’

Escape Through the Book by Jessica Wregg

‘Maurice, have you been eating books again? I will not have you eating books; climbing into nibbled books is what baby mice do. Not a great big mouse like you. Anyway, it’s extremely bad manners and you’ll get indigestion.’

‘No, listen, Dad,’ piped up Milly Minimouse. ‘He means we could actually get in! You know, leave here! Goodbye Professor! No more experiments! Look look look look look look!!’

Arnold did as he was told. She was absolutely right. It actually was a book you could get into.

Arnold sighed again. But this time it was a sigh of utter happiness.

His children were geniuses and freedom beckoned.

He must tell the other mice.


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