Mud and rusty drainpipes

The Professor burst into fits of laughter when he saw the Doctor wallowing in the mud, waved the binoculars about, and promptly fell off the roof.

The Doctor pulled himself to his feet, looked down at Professor Glooper and permitted himself a mournful chuckle.

‘Oh, go on with you!’ said the Professor, sitting up and wiping the mud out of his eyes. ‘You have to admit it, Gerald, that was very funny.’

‘No it wasn’t, and don’t call me Gerald.’

‘Why not? Perfectly good name, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, but it’s not mine.’

‘Probably not, but you shouldn’t let little details like that worry you. Now. About these mice.’

Having had a morning of Lady Gertrude and the Badger, horrible smells, rusty drainpipes and mud, the Doctor was now definitely not in the mood for dealing with escaped mice.

‘Ferdinand, I – ’

‘Yes, yes, I know, you need a cup of tea. Ridiculous drink. Now I on the other hand…’

But the Doctor didn’t want to know what Professor wanted to drink, and stamped grumpily over to a mouldy garden bench that was busy festering by a mildewed wall.





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