Inside the book

The Minimice found themselves standing in a wood.

The first thing that they notice about this wood was that it seemed to be on an island and the funny thing about this island, was that it wasn’t surrounded by sea, it was surrounded by nothing.

That is to say, it was surrounded by nothing but white. Above and below, just white.

‘That’s odd,’ whispered Milly. ‘I’ve never seen that before. What do you suppose it is?’

‘I don’t know,’ whispered back Maurice. ‘Why don’t we go and ask him?’


‘That man fishing over there…’

Indeed, in the middle of the wood, in the middle of the Island, was a little man. He was sitting on a rock by the side of a lake, his trouser legs rolled up, clutching an enormous fishing rod. Both he and his hat were staring earnestly at the water.

The Minimice approached him nervously.


 mr g sketch


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