Mr Glue

The Minimice approached him nervously.

‘Yes, yes!’ said the man irritably. ‘Say what you have to say and then go away. The hat and I are on holiday and we can’t be disturbed.’

‘Um – excuse me… We wondered…’

‘Yes, yes!’ said the man again. ‘You want to know who I am and where you are and what you are going to do about it.’

‘Well, yes!’ said Moley, feeling surprised.

‘That’s easy. I am Mr Glue, you are in a story (this story is a holiday story) and I have no idea what you’re going to do about it.’

At that moment there was a tug on his line, and Mr Glue reeled in a fish. He swept the hat off his head and put the fish into the hat. Both the hat and the fish looked at him with complete fury.

‘Oh, all right then,’ said Mr Glue, and he put the fish back in the water and the hat back on his head. ‘Never going to get the hang of this fishing thing. Now, who are you again? What do you want?’

‘We -’

‘No time, no time! Don’t ask me! Go and talk to him. He knows much more about it than I do! Goodbye!’

And Mr Glue rushed off into the trees with the hat and the fishing rod. On the way, he bumped rudely into a man who was quietly painting a tree.



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