painting with the Artist

It turned out to be quite an afternoon.

The Artist suggested that they should jump into some blue and green paint, and then run around part of the white space to make the sea. Moley made starfish out of yellow and white pawprints; Milly painted a beautiful pink and purple jellyfish. Colin started to paint a shark, but everyone screamed and ran away, so the Artist asked him nicely if he would rub it out. He did and drew a seahorse instead.

They painted birds and boats and bats and balls. They painted sand and sun and surfboards. They painted seals and sealions and seagulls. (And lots of other things beginning with ‘sea’.)


beach dream

Then they drew an enormous rug, and some sunglasses and lay down together to enjoy the sunset that the Artist was just finishing.

‘I have enjoyed today, haven’t you?’ Mifanwy sighed.


splashing in the waves


‘Oh yes,’ said Michael. There was a pause, then he added, ‘Just a thought, but how are we going to get back?’


All of the Minimice (apart from Colin, who didn’t go in for that sort of thing) suddenly felt a sinking feeling in their tummies. They had been enjoying themselves so much that they hadn’t given a thought to worried parents back at home.

‘Oh dear! Oh no! What are we going to do?’

They looked around the wonderful beach they had helped to create but however hard they looked there was, as far as they could see, No Way Out. This was very serious.



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