How to get home?

Time to go back to the Minimice!

The Artist’s little dog came and licked their faces to try and cheer them up, and the little girl drew them some ice creams. Then she trundled over to the Artist and pulled his hand.

He came over and sat on the rug with them.

‘Hey my friends, what’s up?’

They explained. How on earth were they going to get back to the attic? Their parents would surely be worrying by now and although they thought that this world that you could just keep drawing all over was ‘pretty epic’ (Colin’s words), they didn’t want to feel that they were stuck there forever.

‘Hmmm,’ said the Artist. ‘Yes, I can see that that is a bit of a problem.’

Michael Minimouse suddenly had an idea. ‘Surely though,’ he said, ‘you could just draw us a door? Then we can get back that way. Easy!’ He was very pleased with himself, and twirled his whiskers.

‘Well,’ said the Artist, slowly. ‘Yes and no. I can draw you a door, but there’s no knowing what will be on the other side… or if there’s anything at all on the other side. It might just be a blank.’door_1@2x

They all looked downcast, and started thinking again.

After a little while, Artist brightened up. ‘I know!’ he exclaimed. ‘I should have thought of this at once. How silly of me!’

‘What? What?’ shouted the Minimice all once.

‘You need to find the Writer of course! Once you have found the Writer, he or she can write you out of this story!’

The Minimice leapt and squeaked about the sand in elation, until Mifanwy asked the obvious question:

‘And where is the Writer?’

Where indeed?


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