Lucy from Ormskirk wants to know where Hildegard lives

Not so very far away from the Gloop Lab, through the pages of Mr Glue’s book, was a wood. On the other side of the wood was a winding stream and on the other side of the stream was the most beautiful orchard.

There were apple trees and plum trees, mulberry trees, rowan trees and pear trees. The sun trickled through the leaves and branches casting an ever-changing pattern of light and shadows onto the grass below. Between two trees someone had slung a hammock, which looked very inviting. It was about as different to the world of the Gloop Lab as is possible to imagine.

Round the edge of the orchard was a wall, so weather-beaten and ancient that it looked like it was just a natural part of the meadow around it, not a thing that had been built at all.

In the summer, a great mass of roses, jasmine and clematis tangled together in a sweet scented colourful riot against it. Blackberries grew up it in the autumn. If you followed the wall along for a little while, eventually you would come to a small wooden door.

On this particular day, the door was open. (Actually the door was always open. Mostly because it didn’t shut, even if you tried very hard.) Going through the door you would find yourself outside a cottage, the kitchen windows were thrown open, and there, in the sunshine, Hildegard and Griselda were having breakfast.

Hildegard was drinking an enormous cup of coffee. She had froth on her nose, but hadn’t noticed as she was dreaming about a new bit of garden she was intending to plant that day.

Griselda had other things on her mind, but we won’t go into them for the time being.



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