For Sam who has helpfully reminded me of all the things I have forgotten so far

It is very useful sometimes to have someone to remind you of things. My friend Sam has been reading the story so far, and reminded me that there are several things that I need to sort out.

  1. The mysterious thing that the Dodo pointed out on the roof of the Mouse House.
  2. Why are there herrings and a mackerel in Colonel Crackpot’s sleeves?
  3. What has happened to Mr Archibald Penguin?
  4. Will the Minimice ever get back?

Thank you, Sam. Let me assure you, I am on the case.

Let us first consider the Mouse House.

As Hildegard was busy trying to make Colonel Crackpot feel better after his crash, the Megamice (Dorothy, Marigold and Arnold) and the Dodo walked back towards the house.

‘Yup,’ said the Dodo with satisfaction. ‘Told you so.’ (He had once been a taxi driver and therefore always knew best).

The Megamice looked apprehensively up to the roof of their lovely new house.

‘Oh,’ said Marigold.

‘Oh dear,’ said Dorothy.

‘Oh dear, dear, dear!’ said Arnold.

Three or four absolutely enormous hairy legs had appeared over the edge of the chimney pot. Very worryingly, another one was appearing, and another…




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