For Clara


Peregrine Stumpings and Griselda the Green Eyed Cat had decided that things were getting out of hand at Hildegard’s.

In one morning they had had to put up with the appearance of runaway mice, a bossy dodo, an emotional spider who was a librarian and a criminal with amnesia drinking tea in the garden.

‘Shall we go back to the boat, Gris?’ said Peregrine.

‘Totally,’ said Griselda, heaving a sigh of relief.

The relief, unfortunately, did not last for long. Just as they walked out of the garden and into the meadow, two fearsome figures hove into view.

They were arguing with each other and waving their arms around. They were shouting, and one of them actually jumped up and down, waving a pair of binoculars.

Yes! You are right: it was Doctor Socks and Professor Glooper. And there was no mistake about it: they were heading towards Hildegard’s cottage.

Peregrine jumped into Griselda’s arms in fright. His visor crashed down over his face and ‘Mmmmmmpphhhhh!’ he yelped in alarm.

‘Get down, Peregrine!’ hissed Griselda. ‘We must do something about this. Our friends are in danger!’



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