Mr Archibald Penguin introduces himself

Mr Archibald Penguin had been having a lovely time. He had built himself a bonfire on the bank of the canal, he had caught himself several fish, which he had barbecued expertly.


He hadn’t really meant to fall asleep in a deckchair, but it had sort of happened. He woke up to find one furry face and one helmeted face staring down at him. The helmeted face was saying to the furry one, ‘I don’t think it’s a gangster or a highwaybird, you know…’

‘Oh no!’ said Mr Archibald blinking at them earnestly. ‘Certainly not. I’m a penguin. A very respectable penguin, from a long line of respectable penguins and I’m seeking my Fortune. I need to get to the sea you see.’

‘The sea you see?’ asked Peregrine, puzzled.

‘The sea you see, I see,’ said Griselda, to explain it better.

‘Do you? I don’t!’

‘Hang on, hang on. Let’s just start all that again shall we?’

Mr Archibald struggled out of the deck chair to his feet. Well, to his flippers actually.

‘Hello,’ he said. ‘Let me introduce myself. The name is Penguin.  Archibald Penguin!’


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