Preparing to confront the enemy

‘Ok, Mr Penguin,’ said Griselda, folding her paws and looking important as she took charge of the situation. ‘Here’s the thing. I don’t know who you are or where you come from, but we have a crisis, and you’re just going to have to join in with it, because we are going to need all the help we can get. And we need to hurry.’

‘OK, Miss Green-Eyes,’ replied Mr Archibald gamely. ‘What’s the crisis, and what would you like me to do?’

‘Our very good friend Hildegard, who lives on the other side of that wood, and who is a great deal too nice for her own good, is in trouble. Lots and lots of trouble…’

‘…and we need to get her out of it,’ added Peregrine.

‘What sort of trouble?’ asked Mr Archibald, who liked to get the facts straight.

‘Listen, we really don’t have time to talk about this now!’ Griselda was by now dancing about impatiently. ‘Can we just get a move on? We’ll fill you in on the way. Come on, we need to collect stuff!’music

And collect stuff they did. They emptied all the lockers in the boat. They emptied the fridge, and the store cupboard. And as they made a pile of bats, balls, barbecues, books, woolly scarves, tomatoes, Rice Krispies, oars, screwdrivers, calculators and more, they sang a song to keep their spirits up.

They piled everything onto a handy wheelbarrow that happened to be standing nearby, and just to finish it off, they piled onto the top two life jackets, a life belt and a wetsuit.

If Mr Archibald was mystified about this strange combination of rescue equipment, he didn’t show it.

The three rescuers and their wheelbarrow set off back down the track, towards Hildegard’s house.


The three allies fill up the wheelbarrow – by Jamie Glaisher


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