For Florence

Clorabella Swish sat in her extremely well-designed and stylish bedroom in Lipgloss Lodge. She was filing her nails.

This was one of her work days. She could always tell when it was a work day from looking out of the window.

Most of us know when we are going to school or out to work by the fact that it is Monday, or Thursday perhaps, and the alarm has gone off, and we have to be downstairs looking neat and tidy, gulping down our cereal and glancing occasionally at the clock so as not to miss the bus. Or something along those lines.

For Clorabella however, a work day always started with the sight of a huge pink limousine sweeping up her very well-designed and stylish drive. This was a sign that Clorabella was needed in her very well-designed and stylish office, in order to shout orders at her very well-designed and stylish team of magazine editors.

Clorabella, you see, was the Queen of Fashion, and when she said a thing was so, then indeed, it was. Yes, if Clorabella decided that purple polka dotted flared trousers were going to be in that year, then by golly they were.clorabella_swish

The most important thing to remember here is that none of the stylish magazine editors would dare to take a decision about anything without Clorabella’s say so, and it was for this reason that they would send the pink limo when there were decisions to be made.

At that moment, there was a Disturbance.


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