For Dominic

Clorabella suddenly found herself standing in the middle of nothing. She was completely surrounded by a mass of naught, zero, zilch. It was utterly white. (Ringing any bells?)

‘I need to see my therapist,’ muttered Clorabella to herself.

At that moment there was a squeak somewhere off to the right, and Clorabella turned to see a mouse peering off earnestly into the distance.

‘I need to see my therapist and my chief editor,’ said Clorabella, pressing her manicured fingers to her forehead. ‘This is not funny, People.’

Unfortunately there were no People around to hear this, just the mouse.

The mouse gesticulated over its shoulder and five more mice and a small dog joined it.

‘I think I can see the writer!’ squeaked the first mouse excitedly.

‘YES! It’s the edge of the page! We’ve arrived! Hooray!!’

The band of mice started jumping around in jubilation.

mice by alex

‘Ugh!’ said Clorabella, looking quite disgusted with this demonstration. She looked over the mice’s heads.

There, a person had suddenly become visible.



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