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The Minimice approached Clorabella timidly and stood round her in a circle, looking sympathetic. They realised that they were in the same difficult situation as she was, and perhaps they could all help each other. However –

‘Go away!’ yelled Clorabella. ‘I don’t know who you are, or why I’m here, but I don’t like any of this and I won’t have it! I am going to ring my People this second to sort this all out!’

‘Imagine having people you can ring to sort things out!’ Mifanwe was very impressed.

‘Mifanwe! You can’t be impressed by someone like her!’ exclaimed Colin. ‘She’s horrendous!’

‘I am not horrendous,’ shrieked Clorabella. ‘I am the Queen of fashion! Where I lead, the world follows. Now get me out of here. I need a latte! I need a manicure! I need a massage!’

‘Oh do be quiet,’ said Diego. (He was, as you may remember, a very wise dog.)

diego by alex

Clorabella went purple.

At this point, fortunately the Writer came over to them.

‘The thing is,’ said the Writer, ‘she’s supposed to be here: she’s been chosen to be in this story, but somehow, you lot have got in by accident. We need to get you out.’

‘Oh thank you!’ The Minimice were overjoyed. The Writer had totally understood the situation and they hadn’t even had to explain it to her.

‘Tell me exactly where you need to go, and I’ll write you there in the next chapter.’

The Writer wandered back to the computer and started pedalling. Once she had built up a good head of steam, she started typing.


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