What next?

So, the situation as it stands is the following:

  1. Hildegard is trying to make Colonel Crackpot feel better after his plane crash, by giving him cups of tea and soothing conversation in the garden.
  2. Colonel Crackpot is trying to remember. (Anything.)
  3. Doctor Socks and Professor Glooper are closing in on Hildegard’s cottage, to get the mice back.
  4. The Megamice and the Dodo are discussing librarianship with a spider called Rosalind.
  5. Griselda, Peregrine and a Penguin called Archibald are coming to the rescue with a wheelbarrow full of stuff.
  6. The Writer and her pedal powered computer are about to send the Minimice back to where they came from.
  7. Clorabella is stuck in a story without a latte/ manicure/ massage/ People to order about.
  8. Lady Gertrude Gruntblatter and her badger are hanging about in the road, more or less where Doctor Socks left them earlier.

I think you may agree with me that there are all sorts of potential problems with this state of affairs.


Colonel Crackpot’s plane crash – by Charlie Glaisher

Oh goodness me, I do hope it’s all going to turn out all right and if any of you out there have any thoughts at all about any of this, please do let me know at once at because I for one, have no idea what on earth is going to happen next. Maybe you do!

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