For Alice

‘And another thing, Gerald…’

‘Don’t call me that don’t call me that don’t call me that!!!’ yelled an outraged Doctor Socks. ‘That’s it! I’ve had enough of you and your idiotic mice and horrible experiments! I’m going home! Vasilo can make me a nice cocktail with parasols and bendy straws and fireworks and stuff, and a nice hot water bottle and you can do your own dirty work. Get your mice back on your own, you disgusting little toerag!’

Doctor Socks stormed off back towards the wood, leaving Professor Glooper standing in the meadow by Hildegard’s cottage, picking his ears. (The truth was that actually the Doctor was quite right: Professor Glooper was disgusting, but that was the way he liked it.)

He made his way to the garden wall and noticed the wreckage of Colonel Crackpot’s aeroplane. He sniffed.

‘Huh! Nigel trying to be bad again, I see. Hasn’t got a clue! Needs lessons!’

An idea struck him. If the Doctor had gone off in a huff, perhaps he could enlist Colonel Crackpot to help him. The Colonel (or Nigel, as the Professor knew he was really called) was so desperate to be accepted into the criminal community, that it wouldn’t take much persuasion…

The Professor laughed a very nasty laugh, sauntered over to the garden wall and peered over.


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