For Nina

The Writer sat in front of her computer and scratched her head. Diego sat next to her and scratched his head too.

‘If Clorabella hadn’t held on to Moley’s tale, it wouldn’t have happened…’

The Artist and his little girl strolled over to her.

‘What did you write?’

‘I just said “the tiny travellers tumbled back into Hildegard’s Doll’s House.” How was I to know that she’d grab on to one of them?’

‘That’s just the way it is,’ said the Artist, calmly. ‘Should we do anything about it do you suppose?’

The writer smiled.

‘Not quite yet perhaps. She might learn a few things, being the size of a mouse.’

‘Good things?’ asked the Artist doubtfully.

‘Who knows? Let’s find out! In the meantime, the Reader needs to choose another villain to go into this story. I wonder which one it’ll be?!’

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