Jean-Claude Psychochef

Lady Gertrude was right about the fact that there was a new person in town, and right about the fact that he was a chef. She was wrong however in thinking that she would be able to bully him into cooking her lovely meals and providing her with toothsome delicacies.

No. Jean-Claude Psychochef was the nastiest name in the catering trade, and oh boy, did he live up to that name.

Police forces from all over the world had tried to arrest him for terrible crimes in more than twenty-seven countries over the years, but somehow, he had always managed to slip through their fingers.

He had trained in all the finest restaurants in Paris, New York and Brixton. He could shout louder than any other chef, and could hurl knives across any kitchen with the best of them, yet at the same time could put on a misleadingly smooth and smarmy tone when he needed to. He was quite the most evil creature the culinary world had ever known, and now, he was making his way to Stickytown to set up a coffee bar and patisserie.

JeanClaude_Psychochef1 copy

The question was, why?


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