Hildegard’s tea party

Hildegard was having the best tea party she had ever had in her life.

Having cheered up Colonel Crackpot after his plane crash, she rushed off to the kitchen to fill up the teapot so that the Dodo, the Mega-mice and Rosalind Spidersweb could have tea too. Her guests settled down obediently  and took to discussing the finer points of hot air ballooning.


All of a sudden, Griselda, Peregrine and Mr Archibald turned up with a wheelbarrow full of stuff.

‘Hello, dears,’ called Hildegard, waving the milk jug at them. ‘We’re in the garden. Come and have a cup of tea!’

‘What do you mean, “come and have a cup of tea”’ gasped Peregrine. (Wheeling a wheelbarrow in full armour is quite hard work.) ‘We’ve come to save you!’

‘Oh, how nice of you!’ exclaimed Hildegard, looking pleased. ‘That’s so thoughtful! Well, tell you what, why don’t you have a cup of tea first and then we could have the saving afterwards?’

‘Sounds like a plan to me,’ said the Dodo. (As we have observed before, he had been a taxi driver in a previous life, and always knew best.)

‘Try the scones,’ said Rosalind, who was holding at least three with her various legs.


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