Billy in New York wanted Peregrine to come into the story

It was Peregrine Stumpings.

‘That’s it!’ he shouted down the telephone.

(Actually the sound that came out was ‘Mmmmpphhhhhh!’ because Peregrine almost never raised the visor on his helmet. He was very fond of his armour, which was all cosy on the inside, and if he never raised the visor, then nobody would really notice if he never washed his face.)

Griselda, who was now quite used to this, said ‘What is?’

‘It’s that old HAG!’ yelled Peregrine.

‘Which one would that be then?’ asked Griselda, although she had a fairly good idea.

‘Lady mmmppphhhh Gertrude mmmmpppphhhh Gruntblatter and that mmmmpppphhhh badger!’

‘Oh dear,’ said Griselda sympathetically. ‘Them again. Would you like to come over and tell us all about it? It’s just that I can’t talk for long just now. There’s something important that needs seeing to in the garden.’


‘Absolutely,’ said Griselda in her most understanding voice. ‘Hildegard will make it all better – she always does, doesn’t she? See you later!’

‘Mmmmphhhh!’ said Peregrine, lugubriously.

Griselda put down the receiver and went out into the garden.



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