Introductions are made, tea is served, Clorabella is incensed

‘Aaaaarrrrgghhhh!’ yelled Mr Archibald, who wasn’t sure about spiders.

‘Oh, yes, you’re quite right,’ exclaimed Hildegard. ‘I’m so sorry: we should have introduced ourselves. ‘I am Hildegard Avocado, this is Colonel Crackpot, or N-’

‘Yes, yes, hello,’ interrupted the Colonel hastily, just in case Hildegard should spill the beans about him really being called Nigel.

‘These are the Mega-mice, who arrived this morning from the Gloop Lab. Arnold, Dorothy and Marigold. This is Dave – ’ The Dodo waved. ‘He’s just passing by, I think, and…’

Just then, there was an enormous crash.

‘Gosh,’ went on Hildegard. ‘What a day it is for crashes… oh, but this is a nice crash! Look, the Mini-mice have come back, and they’ve brought a friend!’ There were some furious squeakings from the shrunken Clorabella at this point, which Hildegard failed to notice. ‘Tea and cake everyone?’


Everyone (except tiny, furious Clorabella) thought that tea and cake was a tremendously good idea, and said so. Hildegard rushed off once again, to top up supplies.

Mr Archibald went to inspect the fishpond.

Griselda and Peregrine lay down on top of the pile of stuff on the wheelbarrow, stared up at the sky and started to play the cloud game.

The mouse families hugged each other and the Dodo as well, just in case he should feel left out.

Rosalind and the Colonel sat awkwardly next to each other on the bench, and peered at tiny little Clorabella, who was by now jumping up and down and screeching indignantly.

‘Have you any idea of what she might be trying to say?’ asked Rosalind anxiously.

‘Well, no,’ said Colonel Crackpot.


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