Professor Glooper dreams

Professor Glooper clambered onto a rusty tractor that was conveniently parked next to Hildegard’s garden wall. He peered into the garden.

By now the tea party was in full swing. Rugs had been laid out on the grass and everyone was eating and drinking and talking (and not listening – much).

‘Hmmm,’ murmured the Professor to himself. ‘A dodo, a penguin, a cat, mice, a halfling, a spider -’ He did a double take. ‘Cor, an enormous spider! It’s colossal!! Amazing. The experiments you could do on that one… WOW!!’ And he went off into a trance.

If he went off and came back with a van, he could kidnap the whole lot of them, take them back to the Lab and do experiments on all of them. Oh bliss, oh joy, oh –


The Professor snapped out of his trance as immediately as he had snapped into it.

‘Cake? What do you mean cake?! Certainly not. No. Not cake. Not in the very slightest.’

The lady who was in front of him holding out a plate didn’t look remotely fazed.

‘Never mind,’ she said. ‘Well, even if you won’t have cake, do come in and sit down. It can’t be comfortable on that wall.’

She turned and walked back to the garden bench.

As she did so, Peregrine and Griselda sprang to their feet. Griselda poked Mr Archibald.

‘Get the wheelbarrow!’ she hissed. ‘That man is an extremely bad thing and we must get rid of him at once!’

prof leering copy


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