Getting in touch with the Reader

What in the meantime has been happening to the Artist and the Writer?

Clorabella had left them in a slightly tricky situation. She had jumped out of the story, hanging on to the tail of one of the mini-mice.

‘So the thing is,’ said the writer. ‘We now have no enemy. We need to get in touch with the Reader. The enemy is the Reader’s decision.’

‘I guess so,’ said the Artist. ‘But we’ve never really done that before, have we? Get in touch with the Reader, I mean.’

‘No, but if we don’t, then there will be a big hole in the story.’

‘Yes, that’s a problem. I can see that.’ The Artist scratched his head with a pencil.

‘And I can’t write one, and you can’t draw one, I suppose?’

‘You need Mr Glue,’ Diego interrupted.

The Artist and the Writer looked at him in admiration.

‘Of course! That’s brilliant!’ they both exclaimed. ‘That’s just who we need to sort this out!’

The Artist’s little girl jumped to her feet and yelled at the top of her voice.



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