Choosing an enemy

Mr Glue sat on the edge of the page, swinging his legs.

‘It’s quite simple,’ he said at last. ‘I could just ask the Reader myself.’

‘Could you really do that?’ asked the Writer.

Could I? Could I?’ Mr Glue said vaguely. ‘Well, I could, I suppose. Would I though? That’s the question. I don’t know really.’

He looked at the Writer and the Artist and Diego and the little girl with his head on one side. They all looked back at him, and nobody said anything for a while. Then Mr Glue sighed and stood up. ‘Oh, I expect so. In any case, it’s time for lunch.’

So saying, he took off his hat and pulled a megaphone out of it.


‘OY!!!! YOU!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!’

‘No need to shout,’ said a voice. ‘I am trying to pay attention, but my story has a hole in it, and I don’t understand what’s going on.’


‘Please don’t shout; I can hear you quite well.’

‘OH ALL RIGHT! I just really like this megaphone, that’s all.’ Mr Glue put the megaphone back in his hat, shook the hat a bit and then pulled out something that looked like a cross between a canon and a gigantic torch. He picked it up with difficulty.

‘Switch it on then,’ he said irritably to no one in particular. The Artist did so, and a powerful beam of light radiated upwards, casting images of three very nasty people into the sky.

‘Go on. Choose an enemy!’

‘Oh, thanks!’ said the voice. ‘OK then. Professor Glooper!’

There was a peel of horrendous laughter and suddenly, there was the Professor standing in front of them, looking evil (because that’s how he always looked) but also, very surprised.




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