Professor Glooper in a Pirate story

‘Well, that’s all you’ll be needing from me then,’ said Mr Glue, and he pushed the megaphone back into his hat. ‘I’ll be off then. Got lots to do. You know the way it is.’ And off he went.

Professor Glooper looked severely at the Artist and the Writer.

‘This is extremely inconvenient!’ he declared. ‘I have things to do too, you know. Science never stands still, you know. Do you know? You actually look pretty clueless to me.’

‘Well, it’s just…’ began the Writer a bit nervously, ‘you see…’

‘Oh, I see all right!’ said the Professor, in his most squashing tones. ‘I see. You have hoicked (yes HOICKED) me into this story and now I am going to have to get side tracked into some idiotic caper involving children, before getting back to my laboratory. I simply don’t have time for this, I’ll have you know.’

The Artist, who was made of sterner stuff than the writer, looked down at Professor Glooper and said firmly,

‘I’m afraid that it’s just the way it is. The sooner you get on with it, the sooner you can get back to your lab. The End.’

Professor Glooper’s ears started to emit bubbles. (This is something that always happened when he got really cross, and was the result of an experiment that he had been involved with when he was a very young scientist.)

‘GRRRRRRR!!!!!’ he said, and when he saw that this remark met with no reaction, he subsided. The bubbles stopped and he went back to being nearly a normal colour.

‘Oh, very well,’ he said ungraciously. ‘What’s the story then?’

‘Pirates!’ said the Writer.

‘Rats!’ said the Prof, crossly.

‘No, not rats – Pirates!’ repeated the Writer.

The Professor heaved a huge sigh, and said philosophically, ‘All right, there is clearly no choice about this. I had better get on with it.’

As he spoke, an evil-looking craft sailed over the horizon.



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