Captain Glooper makes plans

The Reader swished the page and Professor Glooper found himself standing on the deck of the pirate ship, grasping the wheel. He stared out over a calm sea with a feeling of omnipotence and wellbeing. He laughed a hideous piratical laugh.

It occurred to him that until very recently he had been feeling furious about something, but for some reason, he now could not remember for the life of him what that thing was.

He looked down at his fearsome pirate crew. Ha! He would conquer the world with this horrible lot!

He scanned the horizon once more. An island had just floated into view.

Marvellous! He would make a start on world domination by conquering that island over there.

‘Hard a starboard, me hearties!’ he roared, and spun the wheel. The ship lurched as it altered course. The pirates all collapsed against the starboard gunwale.

‘Grab your weapons!’ bellowed Captain Glooper. ‘There are only two of them on that Island. We will take it. And then,’ he added magnificently, ‘we will have breakfast.’

The pirates roared their approval – and their breakfast orders, which the first mate scribbled down on his shirt sleeve.

bacon and eggs

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