The most reliable of allies

Snuffles had been building a contraption. It was a little difficult to see what the contraption was, or indeed what it was for. It looked intimidating.


He put on his welding goggles, picked up the welding machine and ….. WHOOMPH!

There he was, lying on a beach, next to a huge rock. Mr Glue was standing on the rock, looking down at him, with a critical expression on his face.

‘Really, you ought to be asleep,’ he said.

‘I see,’ said Snuffles. ‘Any particular reason why? I’ve always found that being awake was an advantage when welding, but I’m prepared to try anything!’

‘Brave talk,’ said Mr Glue. ‘Perhaps the Reader was right.’

Without elaborating, he wandered off down the beach. Suddenly he looked back and shouted, ‘You’re in a pirate story now! Just so that you know…’ And he disappeared round a headland.

Snuffles took this in his stride and removed his welding goggles. Then, following Mr Glue’s first piece of advice, laid his head against a rock and obligingly went to sleep.

This did not last for long.

‘SNUFFLES!!’ the Reader’s face appeared from over the top of the rock. ‘There you are! Thank goodness for that. We have an emergency! It’s Pirates, and Captain Glooper is at the helm!’

Snuffles, the bravest of the brave, the most reliable of allies, leapt to his feet, as always, ready for anything.



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