For Jenny in Richmond

It had been a busy sort of a day, all things considered, and yet in actual fact it was still only breakfast time.

The Reader and Snuffles sat on the beach in front of vast plates of bacon and eggs, baskets of croissants (plain and chocolate), jars of jam (strawberry) and bowls of fruit (grapes, pears, apricots, bananas). There were steaming jugs of hot chocolate, coffee and pots of tea. Captain Glooper and the pirate crew were safely tied up by the rocks.

pirate breakfast

‘Thank you, Snuffles,’ said the Reader. ‘I don’t know what I’d have done without you.’

‘No problem,’ said Snuffles, nonchalantly, as though he fought pirates every day before breakfast. (Actually, being Snuffles, he probably did.)

‘What shall we do after breakfast?’ asked the Reader.

‘Go swimming, climb a palm tree, build a sandcastle and then I have to get back to finish my welding job,’ said Snuffles.

‘Your welding job?’

‘Yes, new machine I’m working on.’

‘Oh,’ said the reader, looking impressed. ‘What’s it for?’

‘It’s a multi-tasking machine,’ said Snuffles. ‘It sharpens pencils, peels oranges, forecasts the weather, fixes bicycles and makes chocolate mousse. That sort of thing.’

‘Amazing!’ said the Reader.



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