Peregrine confronts Professor Glooper

So, there you have it. Mr Glue had sorted out a pirate story for the Reader. Snuffles and Professor Glooper had joined in, willingly and less willingly respectively. Pirates had stormed the island; they had been conquered; breakfast had been eaten. By the way, if you want to read the pirate story in more detail and be in it yourself, grab an iPad and go to

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Anyway, the story was now at an end.

The Reader went off to have supper, Snuffles went back to building his amazing machine, Professor Glooper took off his pirate captain’s hat and went back to where he had been before: yes, standing on the rusty tractor outside Hildegard’s garden. He peered over the wall.

This was a bad move. A low flying kipper walloped him full in the face. A triumphant mew came from the garden. This was followed by a clanking sound, and a rusty helmet appeared.

‘Mmmmmmmmmph,’ it said.

‘How should I know?’ Professor Glooper replied crossly. ‘You’ll have to speak more clearly. Didn’t they teach you elocution, pronunciation, clarity of diction at knight school?’

Peregrine put his visor up.

‘No. At least I don’t think so.’ He paused. ‘Actually, I’m not sure what any of those things are.’ He thought for a little. ‘It was mostly about defeating our foes, really.’

Professor Glooper raised his eyes to the heavens.

‘Pathetic!’ he sighed, then leant over the wall and gave the helmet a hefty shove. There was a crunching and a clanging of metal and Peregrine overbalanced into a heap of armour, with his feet in the air.





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