For Megan, who wanted to know what the Prof was going to do next!

Griselda looked on disapprovingly as Professor Glooper laid waste to the allies’ front line. Well, to be fair Peregrine was hardly a front line, but it hadn’t taken much to get rid of him. He was now struggling like a stranded turtle, trying to right himself.

‘Bit of a pushover really,’ humphed Griselda to Mr Archibald.

Mr Archibald wasn’t paying attention to her, but instead was rummaging about in the wheelbarrow for some other more efficient method of dealing with the Professor. He pulled out pliers, a wrench, a screwdriver and a garden rake. (And all this time, the Prof was climbing over the wall.)

Mr Archibald hurled each of these implements at the Professor, but as throwing wasn’t something he was very good at, he missed. (The Professor was now climbing down the other side.)

Mr Archibald, beginning to panic now, glanced over his shoulder and went back to searching through the wheelbarrow. Nothing seemed to be of any use whatsoever! Oh help! He’d never been invited to be an ally before and he was making a total mess of it! (And oh no! The Professor was now making his way towards them over the grass!)

Griselda leaned over Mr Archibald’s shoulder and took from the wheelbarrow a large bucket and the rubber ring covered in purple dots that Peregrine always used when he went swimming in the canal. She seemed to be very relaxed about the situation. And this was a good thing on the whole, because the Professor was now standing right in front of them and laughing nastily.

Mr Archibald fell over in a dead faint.




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