Disposing of the Prof

‘There you are!’ Hildegard was walking over. ‘Gosh, Griselda! Whatever are you doing – and who is this?’

‘Nobody,’ said Griselda. ‘Well, I suppose it is somebody, but not somebody who is staying. In fact, he’s leaving. Right now. Mr Archibald?’

Mr Archibald had by now come round from his fainting fit, and was feeling a bit embarrassed.


‘Grab the wheelbarrow, would you?’

Mr Archibald grabbed the wheelbarrow.

Griselda pushed the helpless professor into it. Mr Archibald got the idea at once, and pushed wheelbarrow and professor through the gate and out of the garden.

‘Where to?’ he shouted to Griselda, over his shoulder.

‘Anywhere! Just not here. Actually, I know where – take him to the lake and tip him into it. Nobody,’ she drew herself up grandly,  ‘but nobody, calls me pussykins and gets away with it.’

And with that, she marched off in the direction of the tea-party.



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