This is a chapter with an explosion for Alexander in Fulham

Lady Gertrude Gruntblatter stood on the doorstep and hammered on the door.

She was in an extremely bad mood. This was understandable as she was holding an unconscious badger under one arm and her feet were sore – she had walked much further that morning than she normally ever walked anywhere.

‘Socks!’ she yelled. ‘Answer this door right now! I have a sick badger, and you need to come and sort him out!’

Vasilo Krumchek (you may remember, Vasilo was Doctor Socks’s evil henchperson) leant out of a window upstairs.

‘Hello, Lady G,’ he croaked. ‘What’s cooking?’

‘Nothing’s “cooking”! I need to see the Doctor – I’ve got a sick badger.’


‘Can’t see the Doc, I’m afraid,’ said Vasilo, smugly. ‘No badgers. Too busy to see badgers. Actually too busy to see anyone. And actually, he doesn’t see badgers, he sees humans. So there.’

And with that, he withdrew from the window, which slammed shut.

Lady Gertrude lost her temper.

‘Right! That’s it!’ She dumped the poor unconscious badger on the ground. She was about to grab her blunderbuss which was slung on her back, when….

KABOOM!!!!!! The scene exploded.

Surprisingly, this had nothing to do with either Lady Gertrude or her blunderbuss.



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