Lady Gertrude plots and schemes

Snuffles stood next to Lady Gertrude and looked thoughtfully at the smoke, pulling at his whiskers.

‘Very interesting, very interesting…’

Lady Gertrude was trying to be grand and aloof, but she couldn’t contain her curiosity. (She had completely forgotten about Cedric the unconscious Badger by this time.)

‘What is?’

‘This,’ and Snuffles waved at the smoke. ‘I’ve been developing this machine.’


Lady Gertrude very much liked the sound of a machine that made huge explosions and lots of smoke.

Snuffles didn’t notice her beady, greedy eyes as he was focussing on his machine and pondering on what had just happened.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘The thing is, it really wasn’t supposed to explode.’

‘Oh.’ Lady Gertrude started to lose enthusiasm. ‘What does it do then?’

‘It’s a multitasking machine.’

‘Oh?’ Lady G, being lazy, liked the sound of a machine that multitasked. If she had a multitasking machine, she could spend more time in front of the telly with her feet up, eating chocolates.

‘Yes, you know, sharpens pencils, peels oranges, forecasts the weather, fixes bicycles and makes chocolate mousse. That sort of thing.’

‘Oh.’ Lady Gertrude’s eyes got even beadier and greedier. (Chocoate mousse!!!)

‘But when I added the last few nuts and bolts, well, it gave a huge sort of shake, went bang, and as you see: it seems to have added teleportation to the things it does.’

Lady Gertrude fixed the mouse with her beady, greedy eyes and grinned a great, greasy grin. A plan was beginning to take shape…



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