Snuffles, Lady Gertrude and Teleportation


Snuffles leapt towards Lady Gertrude, but it was too late.


The world started to spin and suddenly everything disappeared. A whirl of colours, a torrent of sparks and then almost as quickly as they had taken off, Lady Gertrude and Snuffles landed. Clouds of choking black smoke billowed around them.

‘Goodness – another plane crash!’ said a pleasant voice. ‘And all in one afternoon – fancy that! Whatever next?’ The voice didn’t sound particularly bothered about the gigantic explosion and the clouds of smoke, but instead said calmly, ‘Is anyone in there?’

Snuffles coughed. Finding his voice, with his usual courtesy (explosions and clouds of smoke notwithstanding) said, ‘Yes, Madam, I am.’

‘Just a minute then,’ said the nice voice. ‘It just so happens that I have a leaf blower here….’ And then, as the smoke cleared in the breeze, ‘There, that’s better, isn’t it?’

Snuffles emerged from the smoke, wiping his eyes with his paws. When he was finally able to see, he blinked. A vision of loveliness stood before him! The most beautiful lady smiling and holding a large piece of gardening machinery. Snuffles was quite overwhelmed.

‘Madam, I am eternally grateful! It’s -’

But he was unable to finish his sentence. A noise, which was something like a cross between a foghorn and an enraged buffalo, erupted from behind him.

‘Goodness me,’ said the beautiful lady. ‘Is that a friend of yours?’