Chilling with Dave the Dodo

‘Gertrude!’ The beautiful lady ran delightedly towards the hairy hulk that lurched from the smoke. ‘Sweetheart, it’s been simply ages! How are you? Do come and have a cup of tea! I want to hear all about you and what’s happened since we left school!’

Lady Gertrude looked amazed and then disgusted as she recognised Hildegard.

‘Oh marvellous!’ she muttered, sarcastically. If Hildegard heard this remark, she didn’t show it. She grabbed Lady Gertrude’s arm, ignoring the blunderbuss, and led her over to the tea party.

If Griselda and Peregrine had been disapproving of Hildegard asking Colonel Crackpot to tea, they were rendered speechless by the sight of Lady Gertrude.

‘What on earth is she doing inviting her? Is she completely out of her mind?’ Griselda was outraged.

She was even more outraged a moment later, when Snuffles appeared round the corner of the house.

More mice?! That’s it! I’m out of here!’

Dave the dodo was chilling on the lawn listening to his favourite tunes on a new pair of headphones. He looked round at Griselda. dodo listens

‘Hey Gris! Come and sit with me. Be a cool cat, can’t you?’

‘No, I can’t! I’m too cross!’

‘Don’t be cross – life’s too short! Take up yoga for cats or something.’

Griselda laughed and went to sit with the dodo.